Sunday, February 14, 2021

Psychic Sisters: Radicci Sisters Mystery by M.E. Purfield

I received this book to give an honest review.
Title: Psychic Sisters: Radicci Sisters Mystery
Author: M.E. Purfield
Pages: 218

Miki and Prudence Radicci. Sisters. One, an adult artist. One, a nonverbal autistic teen. Both with a psychic ability. Both that trouble keeps following.

Life is different now for Miki Radicci. Her long-lost sister Prudence lives with her, so she’s determined to create a stable life for her. But the world is far from stable. Especially when Miki psychically experiences a person’s death, and Prudence accesses computers with her brain.

Whether they are suffering bizarre visions of pink-eyed albinos of another dimension, saving a neighbor from sexual predators, finding a body on vacation, or getting carjacked, nothing will test the sister’s new bond other than a catastrophic event that strikes New York and brings their dreams to life.

This is one of those authors that I just happen to love the stories he brings. Anything to do with Radicci Sisters, I know, will be good. I will say that I was surprised that this book was a few different stories that had both of the sisters involved and not just one big mystery to solve. I really liked that we got to see Prudence and what she can do. I feel like Miki is doing a great job with raising her the best that she can, and we see her grow as a person. The author did a great job describing Prudence and her being autistic and using her extraordinary abilities. I loved how he brought up how she stems, which I thought was pretty neat. I can't wait to see what other adventures these two will solve because, as we know, Miki can not help but help victims out. It is in her blood. 

M.E. Purfield is the author of the long running and highly rated Miki Radicci series and the sci-noir Blunt Force Kharma series. He has had short stories in Broken Pencil, Unwinnable Magazine, and Norwegian American Weekly. He lives in Jersey City, NJ but you can always find him at