Sunday, May 22, 2022

Mother's Day by Patricia MacDonald

Title: Mother's Day
Author: Patricia MacDonald
Pages: 310

Meet Karen.
Married to her childhood sweetheart.
Loving mom of thirteen-year-old Jenny.

It’s Mother’s Day and her perfect day becomes a perfect nightmare.

A woman turns up at her door claiming to be Jenny’s biological mother.

Two days later the woman’s bloody body is found in a dumpster.

And the prime suspect is Karen’s own husband . . .

A seamless blend of high domestic suspense with a shattering final twist.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Shadow House: Anna Downes

Title: The Shadow House
                                      Published: 4/22/2022

Pine Ridge. Create the life you want.

Alex has arrived at Pine Ridge - an ecovillage nestled high in the hills, surrounded by forests. She is determined to to make a fresh start for her and her two children, and this rural community apart from the modern world seems like the perfect place.
Beautiful. Idyllic. Safe.
But then sinister boxes start to arrive, and one by one they chip away at Alex's peace. She starts to hear stories about something awful that happened here years before, stories which sound eerily familiar.
Bones. Doll. Blood.
History looks to be repeating itself. Alex has come here to keep her children safe from harm. But in this little rural paradise, they could be in more danger than ever before.
Extraordinarily tense and deliciously mysterious, Anna Downes's The Shadow House follows one woman's desperate journey to protect her children at any cost, in a remote place where not everything is as it seems.