Sunday, May 22, 2022

Mother's Day by Patricia MacDonald

Title: Mother's Day
Author: Patricia MacDonald
Pages: 310

Meet Karen.
Married to her childhood sweetheart.
Loving mom of thirteen-year-old Jenny.

It’s Mother’s Day and her perfect day becomes a perfect nightmare.

A woman turns up at her door claiming to be Jenny’s biological mother.

Two days later the woman’s bloody body is found in a dumpster.

And the prime suspect is Karen’s own husband . . .

A seamless blend of high domestic suspense with a shattering final twist.

This is one of those books I just happened to find on Kindle Unlimited and I was very surprised with how it turned out. The cover didn't really appeal to me I think it is the lady in the red dress that is throwing it off. We are introduced to our little happy family the Nawhals and their adopted daughter Jenny. Jenny is in that stage that all teens go through yet hers is a bit more complicated as she wants to know who her real mother is. Well, as we dive deeper into the book Jenny will get her wish. I am very surprised with how Karen handled herself in this situation because showing up unannounced is hard and to see that the child you have been raising just acts like she has no manners can push some buttons. When Jenny's mother Linda winds up dead it seems that all evidence points to Karen's husband Greg. It seems he has a secret that he is hiding one that will test his marriage with Karen. As time is ticking down Greg and surprisingly Karen will uncover the truth this will be one person you just did not think was behind it. I know I sure didn't until about 70 percent in. I thought the author did a great job with holding out on who dun it as long as possible. I think I will be reading more by this author as I like her writing style. 

Patricia MacDonald is the author of several psychological suspense novels set in small towns. MacDonald grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut and has a master's degree from Boston College. Before writing her own novels she was a book editor and was once an editor for a soap opera magazine in New York. She is married to writer Art Bourgeau. They live in Cape May, New Jersey and have one daughter.

Her first novel, The Unforgiven, published in 1981, received an Edgar Award nomination from the Mystery Writers of America. Secret Admirer (1995) won the literary prize at the 1997 Deauville Film Festival in France, where MacDonald is consistently a number one bestseller. She’s also been awarded the prize for literature at the International Forum of Cinema and Literature in Monaco.