Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Sewing Pattern: Coffin Purse

I’m a novice sewist so I apologize if my methods are a little off haha. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!! 

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Cities that Eat Islands Book 3 by M.E. Purfield

Cities That Eat Islands (Book 3) by [M.E. Purfield]
I received this book to give an honest review.

Title: Cities that Eat Islands Book 3
Author: M.E. Purfield
Pages: 349

Mixing Sarah Paretsky and Andrew Vachss into a noir urban fantasy, the author of the Miki Radicci series concludes the intense and twisted epic thriller that spans 40 years and three generations.They hide him deep in the city, feeding him children.She loves him and protects him.She'll even murder for him.Someone steals die Auslese's project Faith which has been in the works for decades. They call upon Elite and Carmella Noto to use her psychic ability to find the thief and killer. But they are not the only ones in search of it. Others want it destroyed. Caught in the middle, Carmella travels back in time by way of her grandmother to stop project Faith and confront a monster that damaged not only her life but her families'. Meanwhile, Enzo Noto, a nonverbal autistic who can communicate through radio waves, may have found a treatment that will cure his autism. But does he want to? Deep in a confusing depression, he suffers cruel and dangerous therapies, unaware that higher powers will use him as a pawn.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Cities That Eat Islands (Book 2) by M.E. Purfield

I received this book to give an honest review.

48407734. sy475 Title: Cities that Eat Islands (book 2)
Author: M.E. Purfield
Pages: 468

He’s killed 3 young women.
The police can’t see the connection.
She can.
The events from two years ago bring the Noto twins' psychic ability to the attention of die Auslese. They want Enzo, a non verbal autistic, for his ability to communicate through radio waves and Carmella, a brilliant artist, for her ability to experience one's death.
The first assignment: find a maniac murdering young black women. Within the racially conflicted streets of 1963 Brooklyn, Carmella discovers that the primary suspect may also be the man who wins her heart.
Enzo, trapped in a web of twisted love, spins off onto Rikers Island where his condition grabs the attention of violent criminals. He fights the inner system to survive, hoping to return to his true love and family. But unknowing to him many conflicting shadow groups plan to get him out.

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night by Paul Aster Cohen

I received this book to give an honest review.

48583931. sy475 Title: I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
Author: Paul Aster Cohen
Pages: 98

On vacation with her boyfriend, Nicky soon finds herself in a predicament as he's kidnapped by a tribe of vampires. Miles from home, she reluctantly joins a dwarf and his coyote, who have their own score to settle with the beasts, and travel across the country to try and save her man before he's gone for good. In the shadows of recent California forest fires, will Nicky defeat the hungry, bloodthirsty horde and perform an impossible rescue or will she become a victim herself?

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Vampiro and Other Strange Tales of the Macabre by Kevin J. Kennedy

I received this book to give an honest review.

48452117. sy475 Title: Vampiro and Other Strange Tales of the Macabre
Author: Kevin J. Kennedy's
Pages: 93

After the success of Kennedy’s first collection, Dark Thoughts, he brings you Vampiro and Other Strange Tales of the Macabre. This one contains stories inspired by TV shows from his youth, such as ‘Tales from the Crypt,’ ‘Eerie India,’ ‘The Twilight Zone’ & ‘The Outer Limits.’ Inside, you will find tales of a carnival vampire, a town overtaken by a special kind of Easter bunnies, tales of the insane, a journey through Hell at Christmas time, and many other shorts to make your hair stand on end. Some are funny, some are gross and some touch upon the evil of your fellow man.
Come and join us, but be warned… you may never want to leave.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Release Day Blitz: Mind in Chains by Bruce M. Perrin

Mind In Chains by Bruce M. Perrin
Published November 4, 2019


It was spring in the Midwest and the perfect storm was brewing.

A scientist of considerable renown, Dr. James Conroy, Jr., was leading a grassroots movement to improve access to medical treatment in the United States. At the same time, a group known as the Crusaders for Common Sense was rallying around the cry, “Stop Playing God with Medicine.” Claiming that medical science merely maintained the body while the soul rotted from within, they stood opposed to Conroy—violently opposed.

Like most residents of St. Louis, Missouri, Sam “Doc” Price and Nicole Veles watched in horror as the violence escalated. But after a noted medical researcher was attacked at Nicole’s apartment, she and Doc were plunged into a world of domestic terrorism.
Doc found an unlikely ally in FBI Special Agent Rebecca Marte. Together, they tried to make sense of the Crusaders’ actions that defied all logic. The terrorists showed no fear of identification—or even death. In the end, Doc risked everything he loved in a final, deadly gambit with the Crusaders, only to find that the cost of his ploy might be more than he was willing to pay.

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Seven years before the events described in the book and Nurse Martha Wilson has discovered a missing newborn:

As they turned into the wing with the nursery, Martha slowed and turned to Jorge. “They’ll find her, won’t they?” Jorge said nothing for a moment, so she added, “The truth.”

Jorge sighed. “I can’t really say. Is there an angry ex-spouse somewhere? A childless neighbor? All I know is that the police will run down every lead before they give up.”

“But if it’s not friends or family?” Martha asked although she thought she knew the answer.

“Then you’ve done everything you could. Getting this on the air in 20 minutes is a good start; the first few hours are the most important. After that, the chances start going down fast. And after a few days ….” He shook his head but didn’t finish.

Martha shuddered and squeezed her eyes closed. These were facts she had heard before, but they had been only meaningless statistics at the time. Now, they tore at her heart, the pain worsening with each tick of her mental clock.

Two hours later, after meeting with the local police who had no news about Baby Jane Doe, Martha couldn’t control her emotions any longer. She started sobbing.

Six hours later, the interviews were complete, and Martha took a taxi home, afraid to trust her driving. She went to bed, hardly speaking to her husband. The next day, she called in sick. And the day after. And the day after that.

To Martha, the news was always the same. There were no ex-spouses. The neighbors either had children or were retired with their children now raising their own. Video cameras had caught the comings and goings from the maternity wing at the hospital, but everyone belonged. Simply put, there were no suspects, and the trail, if there ever had been one, was ice cold.

After ten days passed and there was no news about Baby Jane Doe, Martha went to work only to resign. She couldn’t face another expectant mother, knowing she had lost a human life left in her care.

Bruce Perrin has been writing for more than twenty-five years, although you will find most of that work only in professional technical journals or conference proceedings.  After receiving a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and completing a career in psychological research and development at a major aerospace company, he’s now applying his background to writing novels.  Not surprisingly, most of his work falls in the techno-thriller, mystery, and hard science fiction genres, examining the intersection of technology and the human mind now and in the future.  Besides writing, Bruce likes to tinker with home automation and is an avid hiker, logging nearly 2,500 miles a year in the first six years of Fitbit ownership.  When he is not on the trails, he lives with his wife in St. Louis, MO.

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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Cities That Eat Islands by M.E. Purfield

I received this book to give an honest review.
Cities That Eat Islands (Book 1) by [Purfield, M.E.]

Title: Cities That Eat Islands (book 1)
Author: M.E. Purfield
Pages: 272

Mixing Sarah Paretsky and Andrew Vachss into a noir urban fantasy, the author of the Miki Radicci series delivers a tense and twisted thriller of epic proportion.It waits in the basement. Feeds on children. Used them to lure more in. But its hunger is just the beginning and not for it alone. Carmella Noto, a brilliant young artist, experiences people's pain and death. Her twin brother Enzo, a non verbal autistic, accesses radio waves in his head. When a brilliant killer kidnaps their best friend and murders his family, the siblings use their psychic abilities to save him. Through the hot dark streets of Brooklyn in 1961, the siblings discover a demonic cannibal who's only the tip of a mystery that starts in 1921 Jersey City