Monday, December 8, 2014

Children's Book Review: Belle, Belle, Where Are You? by Jo Alex

Belle, Belle, where are you?By Jo AlexGenre: Young Readers (Toddler, Preschool)Book SynopsisThe story is about a little boy who comes home one day and is looking for his best friend, his dog, Belle. He cannot find her. He searches for her in various parts of the house. Halfway through the story, he is beginning to wonder if Belle is lost, but he doesn’t give up. His worry grows as he continues searching for her. What happened to Belle? You have to read to find out if he finds her or not. May be you can help him look for Belle?

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This interactive Ibook was adorable! My three year old son and I read the book using our Ipad after a seamless download. The pages are very easy to maneuver forward and back. There is an option for the words to be read also. Our son has a speech delay, so it was a fun book to use simply for object recognition when our kiddo wasn't in a reading frame of mind. On each page, there are two objects that will emit sound when touched. We had fun finding the objects, especially the squeaky toys in some of the pages. The author even offers a guide of the objects to find at the end of the book.

The story itself is easily relate to and the illustrations are adorable. The story takes place in different settings, which was useful in helping to point out where things belong when pointing them out to our three year old. The narrator has an easy to follow voice as well. The story could be read by early readers as the material is child friendly, and engages beyond the story with the different elements/interaction options.

Belle, Belle, where are you?  You are not beside your favorite table. Belle, Belle, where are you?  You are not behind the big red couch, where you like to take naps.  Belle, Belle, where are you?

Jo Alex is a resident of Seattle, and was inspired to move here years ago after seeing a magnificent view of Mount Rainier.  She draws inspiration for her writing from many sources, by her travels, and also the many memories of her dog Belle.  An avid Northwest foodie, she loves the eclectic restaurants of the Northwest and enjoys walking the many Seattle
Belle, Belle, where are you? is her first Apple iBook and she is excited to introduce it to children. It is only available for the Apple iPad and purchasable on the Apple iBookstore, and this is because Apple’s special iBook format allows for sounds and clickpoints to be added to the book.

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