Friday, December 9, 2016

FREE Crochet Pattern: Ponytail Hat

I'm sure you guys have seen the ponytail beanie making its rounds on Facebook. It looks like a simple DC beanie with a HDC brim. These are almost always worked from the brim up (to date I have only seen this done a different way but it seem more of a hassle than anything)

I am NOT a pattern writer. I usually fudge it until it comes out how I want it. A friend wanted this beanie so instead of paying for a pattern I thought I would wing it and share my results and pattern with you!

Trial and error LOL I edited this as I went along so this could change. I'll also be adding pictures for you. I only have a few right now but I'll add more as I go along.

Size 7 Hook (If you don't have that, go with an H)
1 skein of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable
(or any worsted weight but this may change the size of the hat. In which case, go down a hook size)
Needle for weaving in ends

For the brim:

Chain 12
Row 1: HDC in the second chain from the hook and in each across. I like to put the stitches in the back hump of the chains. When you turn it over this is what you'll see. This makes it easier to stitch your brim together at the end.You'll see in the second image that there are "braids" on both the top and bottom of the stitches. You can do foundation crochet too but I don't like it. (Just a preference)

Row 2-56: Chain 2, turn, HDC through both loops (the red arrows) on ONLY the first and last stitch of each row. All the other stitches in between will be back loop only (the blue arrow). Repeat row 2 until you get 56 rows.
 This is what two rows of HDC should look like.

Your brim should measure about 16 1/2 inches long. If it's too long/short, you can adjust the hook size or add/subtract rows. I suggest the hook size so your math wont be messed up.

Stitch both ends together with slip stitches across. You'll insert your hook through all four loops, yarn over and pull through all 5 loops.
  Flip the brim so the stitching is on the inside of the hat.

For the hat, you'll be working in the top of each row of the brim.
Row 1: Chain 1 and SC in the next stitch. Crochet 70 SC evenly across brim. I like to crochet 1 in the top of each row and add a SC increase every 4th stitch (two SC into the same stitch). Slip stitch into the first SC of the round. 

Row 2-8: CH 2, DC in the same stitch and in every stitch around. (70 DC) and SL ST into the top of the 1st DC. DO NOT TURN! This is worked like you would in the round but without the ugly seam. Repeat DC row to desired height (I made mine 8 rows high) 

Row 9: CH 2, DC in the same stitch and in the next 7 stitches. DC2tog over the 9th and 10th stitches. Repeat this around. You should have 63 DC for this row.

Row 10: CH 2, DC in the same stitch and in every stitch around. (63 DC) and SL ST into the top of the 1st DC. (You can repeat this row if you want it a bit higher)

Row 11: CH 1, SC in the same stitch and in every stitch around. (63 SC) SL ST into the top of the 1stSC.

Fasten off and weave in ends 

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm more than happy to walk you through it! 

Leave a comment below and let me know how you did on your hat!