Friday, March 20, 2020

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night by Paul Aster Cohen

I received this book to give an honest review.

48583931. sy475 Title: I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
Author: Paul Aster Cohen
Pages: 98

On vacation with her boyfriend, Nicky soon finds herself in a predicament as he's kidnapped by a tribe of vampires. Miles from home, she reluctantly joins a dwarf and his coyote, who have their own score to settle with the beasts, and travel across the country to try and save her man before he's gone for good. In the shadows of recent California forest fires, will Nicky defeat the hungry, bloodthirsty horde and perform an impossible rescue or will she become a victim herself?

So this is a different type of story with a vampires. It seems that our main character Nicky somehow learns to become a vampire kicking butt heroine. When her boyfriend is taken by vampires she wants him back. With the help of a dwarf which honestly had me in tears, I just kept imagining this very short person kicking butt and taking names. Will she be able to save him or let him go that is the question. My heart broke a bit when Sheky made the ultimate sacrifice. The reason I gave this story a four is I wanted more back story. Where did the vampires come from exactly? Did Nicky never hear about people mysteriously disappering? For me I do like a lot of depth in a story, that is just the reader in me. Though I did enjoy reading this a lot, and I loved how Nicky did not give up her search and learned quickly how to survive. 
I really enjoyed his descriptive the author was within the story it really brought the story to life. "Nicky tried to crawl away as fast as she could but it wasn't far enough from the blast radius, so she found herself covered in the girls innards."

Paul Aster Cohen
Paul Aster Cohen is an award winning journalist for The News of San Patricio weekly newspaper and a fiction writer. His novellas, I Wear My Sunglasses at Night and Once Upon a Time in Rehab, will be released in the coming months. He is working on the second novel of his Koufax series while seeking agent representation. He spends what little free time he has with his wife and three children who live with him in Corpus Christi.