Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Among the Dead by Ryan Colley

 Available via Kindle Unlimited
Title: Among the Dead (part 1)
Author: Ryan Colley
Pages: 276

"My name is Sam. Alice, the love of my life, lives 170 miles away, and she's stopped answering the phone. So, I'm leaving the safety of my home to see if she is OK.

A simple journey. Except the roads are abandoned, the cities are quarantined and London is in a state of evacuation.
I have a plan. Not only do I have a plan, but I've seen enough apocalypse films to prepare. I can be the hero Alice needs. I have to be...

170 miles, over 50 million potential zombies, and Alice won’t pick up the phone... oh yeah, the dead have started walking.

Just another day in England."